Linen Seat Cushions

by Tribut Editions

One of the most Iconic and recognizable chairs ever designed. The simplicity and pure form of the
Jeanneret PJ-SI-28-A office chair compliments and elevates the design of any living environment.
Featuring, signature A-shaped legs and a unique floating backseat detail, the Pierre Jeanneret PJ-SI-28-A
is the essence of minimal and understated elegance.

Historical And Artisanal Techniques

Tribut Editions is devoted to preserving the original design intent for all of our collections. Our work is
intended for connoisseurs and collectors. Tribut Editions achieves the highest level of craftsmanship
and quality by respecting original specified dimensions, details and materials. We meticulously
implement historical and artisanal techniques that have been passed down from generation to
generation by local artisans for over 65 years.